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Git Fundamentals video from Visual Studio Toolbox | Channel 9

Having been TFS-only for the last 2 years, I needed to brush up on my git basics as a new project ramps up at work. The video below, from the the Visual Studio Toolbox team at Microsoft, is pretty good at covering the essentials: Git Fundamentals The video is about an hour and ten minutes long.

A virtual file system for .NET written in C# (found on Github)

For later review:

C# chars, bytes, and strings, Oh My.

Some simple code to show the conversions between the different data types: // establish a base line System. Console .WriteLine(" Testing bytes, chars, encoding, etc. "); char myChar = ' a '; byte myCharBytes = Convert.ToByte(myChar); System. Console .WriteLine(" The number of bytes in a char is 1 byte. "); System. Console .WriteLine(" The value of myCharBytes is " + myCharBytes); // the following is wrong because it converts 97 to a string of "97" string myByteString = myCharBytes.ToString(); System. Console .WriteLine(" myByteString.Length = " + myByteString.Length); System. Console .WriteLine(" myByteString = " + myByteString); // the following is correct because it converts 97 to "a" char myGoodByteChar = Convert.ToChar(myCharBytes); string myGoodByteCharString = Convert.ToString(myGoodByteChar); System. Console .WriteLine(" myGoodByteCharString = " + myGoodByteCharString); Sys